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about Our floor

The TMP Portable Dance Floor is a professional quality wood dance floor with an optional marley covering.  It is suitable for all forms of percussive and movement-based dance and is fully sprung to ensure the safety of your dancers.


Suitable for short to medium term installations, the TMP Portable Dance Floor is meant for professional and pre-professional dance performances.

(Sorry, no casual weddings.)

Dance Floor Specs


Top Layer:


  • Mahogany/Cherry Stained Maple Top Layer with either a polyurethane or Tung Oil finish, an ideal friction for percussive dance.

  • B2 Grade Industrial Plywood Core

  • Optional StageStep brand Marley floor cover suitable for Modern Dance, Ballet and any movement-based discipline.*


  • Industrial Pine Wood frame for added "spring" and to create negative space to amplify the sound of percussive dance.

What makes it sprung?

  • StageStep brand foam blocks attached to the frame at one block/square foot.

How big is the floor?

   The floor is fully customizable to most spaces and is large enough to fill a full-sized theatre stage (generally 20'x24') and more.  

  The floor can also be customized for unique-shaped venues (may include an additional cost).

How long does it take to install?

  Depending on the size of the space anywhere from 2 - 4 hours.

*Coming Soon

Is this floor for you?

The TMP Portable Dance Floor is ideal for:

  • Professional and Pre-Professional Dance companies of any size and discipline that cares about the health of their dancers and want to ensure the quality of movement of their dancing.

  • Production Companies that seek to employ dancers and need an affordable and easy to set up floor that minimizes the risk of injury to the dancers contracted.

  • Theatres and Venues that may want to advertise to dance companies, but do not have the budget to invest in their own sprung dance floor or Marley covering at this time.

Who has used this floor in the past?

  Besides being used at all Tapman Productions performances, we are proud to have shared our floor with the following companies:

  • Chicago Tap Theatre

  • MADD Rhythms

  • The Chicago Human Rhythm Project

  • JAM Productions

  • Audience Architects

  • The Circle City Tap Festival

  • Eli's Cheescake

Contact us about renting our floor in the contact field below.

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